Nippur Digitized

The extant documentation, as far as known to us, pertaining to the excavations carried out by the

University of Pennsylvania at Nippur

in the years 1889-1900.

Published as searchable PDF-files.


Aage Westenholz, Assyriologist emeritus

Inger Jentoft, Near Eastern archeaologist emerita

Ulla Koch, Assyriologist independent scholar

Work in Progress

This is a preliminary publication pending the addition

of further documents and input from our readers.

At present, the records pertaining to the first two expeditions to Nippur (1889 and 1890) have been worked up sufficiently to be posted on the net, even if this edition is by no means final.  The remaining III and IV Expeditions, the Aftermath, and the Financial Records are in an advanced state, but much remains to be done.  Also, some source material has yet to be supplied to us from Philadelphia and Harvard in the form of scans.


We expect to have finished the project in three years from now, but such predictions are really a matter for soothsayers.